Heather Locklear charged with DUI

Heather Locklear mugshot reports that former “Melrose Place” star Heather Locklear has been charged with driving under the influence – of prescription medication, that is!

A blood test detected no alcohol or illegal narcotics, but Santa Barbara County Deputy D.A. Lee Carter reportedly believes that the prescription medication the 47-year-old actress had taken could have impaired her ability to drive.

Locklear was arrested in Montecito, CA, on September 27 and booked on charges of driving under the influence of drugs and being under the influence of a controlled substance after a paparazzo called 911, claiming that the actress was “driving erratically.”

She is scheduled to appear in court on January 26, 2009.

If convicted, Locklear faces penalties ranging from a fine to up to six months in county jail.


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