Have Peter Andre And Emily MacDonagh Finally Come Up With A Name For Their New Baby?

Peter-AndreEarlier this week we brought you the news that Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh were struggling to come up with a name for their new baby. Well today it appears as though the couple may well have narrowed the possibilities down a little as Peter revealed they have a short-list of four.

Peter will be appearing on the Jonathan Ross show this Saturday evening, where he will reveal the list of possible names. Andre said, “We have four names. Maybe you can help me out actually. We had Rose. I love Rose because it’s English and beautiful. Ameila, beautiful name. Elizabeth. Alexandra. So these are the four names that we’ve been throwing around. I love them because they are English and they are beautiful.”

Indeed they are all very beautiful names, but Peter let it slip which was clearly his favourite as he went on to say, “My favourite is Ameila. I love that name, but I want her (Emily) to be happy. I love that name.”

So if Peter Andre had his way his new baby girl will be called Ameila Andre, but Emily is on a different wavelength to her partner it seems. Peter said, “Three days ago she (Emily) throws another spanner in the works and says, ‘What about Poppy?’ Poppy is a nice name. Then she threw in Isabella and I thought that’s a nice name. So we’re sort of in a bit of a pickle here.”

It could be a while yet until the big reveal of what Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh name their new child, but what do you think do you agree with Peter and go for Ameila, or do you prefer Emily’s choice of Poppy or Isabella?


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