Harry Styles Takes Over Late Late for James Corden and Nails It

World star Harry Styles took over “Late, Late show” for James Corden on Tuesday after his wife gave birth to their third child.

Harry Styles Took Over in a Two-Hour Notice

The famous 23-year-old singer took over hosting duties on the CBS talk show and greeted the enthusiastic audience by telling them the great news.

He told the audience he came straight from the hospital and that the baby girl looks a lot like James, mainly because “James looks like a giant baby”.

Harry got the call that Jules was in labor just two hours before the show and Corden asked him to fill in for him since he is the funniest guy he knew.

Styles covered everything from U.S. politics to dogs wearing sunglasses with ease and interviewed guests Owen Wilson, Jane Krakowski and Joel Edgerton with no preparation.

The executive producer Ben Winston praised his performance by tweeting “What a performance with no prep!” Harry even joked about his surprising kiss with Corden on Carpool Karaoke the night before by saying “We will also be having a baby”.

Harry had a week-long residency on the show in May, when he appeared in each episode to perform songs off his self-titled debut album. So Harry added hosting to his singer, actor, songwriter career and with his successful solo tour and Oscar buzzing about his debut role in “Dunkirk”, it seems like the sky is the limit for this talented young man.

Harry Styles dazzled with his performance and fans demand that he gets his own show.

James Corden Welcomes His Third Child

Just before the beginning of his show, Corden shared on social media this happy moment.

He and his wife Julia Carey welcomed their third child, a baby girl. Both, mom and the baby are doing great and the couple feels blessed.

The couple is married since 2012 and already has two children, 6-year-old son Max and 3-year-old daughter Carey. The famous British comedian was a roaring talent in the UK until he became an instant hit in the States in 2015 with the launch of his show.

He collaborated with Styles before and they are good friends so he was the only logical choice for the job.


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