Harry Styles Loves Nothing Better Than Giving One Directions Tour Bus A Good Clean!

harry-stylesIf you were to ask any 19 year old hot blooded male what they like to do in their spare time the majority would no doubt give the same answer, an answer that would probably include the words girls, drink and partying. One Direction band member Harry Styles is one 19 year old who would definitely fit that brief, but he is also an obsessive cleaner and likes nothing more than giving the bands tour bus a good going over with a mop and bucket!

A source close to One Direction has been talking to the Daily Star newspaper about Harry and his obsessive cleaning habits. They said, “Harry loves everything to be neat and tidy. He’s fixated with keeping the tour bus clean. He went to a supermarket and bought a ton of cleaning products as he didn’t think the bus was clean enough.”

The source went on to add the following about Harry and his cleaning habits. They said, “He watches to make sure no-one drops food anywhere and asked people to leave their shoes at the door and wear slippers. Everyone has their own quirky habits, but we all call him Mrs. Mop.”

There is nothing wrong with being clean and tidy like Harry Styles, in fact it just goes to show that his parents instilled some values into him when he was growing up. Perhaps other 19 year old males should take note, but given the choice of cleaning or going out with your mates drinking it is not much of a contest in today’s society is it!


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