Halle Berry Moving To Europe

Halle Berry Moving To EuropeGabriel Aubry is not to happy these days after finding out that Halle Berry, her boyfriend, and their daughter possibly could be moving to Europe, France to be exact. Halle Berry is asking the judge who is in charge of the custody hearing if she can have permission to move Nahla to France with her and her boyfriend. Gabriel Aubry is stating that over his dead body this is something that is just not going to happen.

Halle Berry has already put her papers to the judge and currently the only thing they are waiting on is the hearing date to be set. Gabriel Aubry feels that Halle Berry is doing this to take his daughter away from him by making sure that he can have no contact with her. Also, Gabriel Aubry is even more upset because if the move is approved Halle Berry’s long term boyfriend Olivier Martinez will also be residing with his daughter.

From the way we see it Halle Berry has a good reason to move. Matter of fact, the stalker who broke in her property numerous times has just been released from jail. So, she will definitely be safer over in Europe.


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