Halle Berry Can’t Move Daughter To France

Halle Berry Can’t Move Daughter To FranceA judge had made a final ruling on Halle Berry’s custody battle against ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and it wasn’t in her favor. Berry, 46, will not be able to move daughter Nahla to France along with her and her fiancé Olivier Martinez.

The Oscar winning actress had filed a request in February to move her daughter to Europe where she will be relocating with her soon-to-be-husband. She justified that she feared for the life of her 4-year-old daughter.

These apprehensions were mainly because just this year, two men have already threatened the safety of the actress and her family. One of the men was convicted of stalking the actress, while the other allegedly threatened her life. The one who had stalked the actress has been released from prison, while the latter had escaped from the mental institution.

Sources say that the court had looked into the request to make sure if the claims were for the best interest of Berry’s daughter. The court wanted to find out if it would not harm the child’s relationship with her father. If it was found out that this could interfere with the parent-child relationship, then it would rule against Berry’s claim, which the judge had already made the decision.

Aubry and Berry broke up in 2010 and the actress had found a new love of her life with French actor, Martinez.


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