Halle Berry: About To Tie the Knot

Halle Berry: About To Tie the KnotIt has finally been confirmed that Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry are engaged. Sources revealed this information on March 12 during the morning hours. However, rumors were blowing through the air because Olivier announced it to some friends himself and his secret leaked out.

The Miami Herald has even reported that when he opened his shop during the weekend in Florida he admitted to the rumors being true. However, he did confirm that the jeweler who claims to have supplied Halle Berry’s engagement ring is a fraud. Olivier claims that the ring came from Robert Mazlo – who comes from a family that has been designing rings for centuries.

On another note, this is going to be Halle Berry’s last marriage. Do you think Olivier is her one true love finally?

Recap. Halle Berry is a 45 year old actress who has a daughter with Gabriel Aubry who is three by the name of Nahla. Halle and Gabriel were never married, yet she was married to David Justice for four years and Eric Benet.

Olivier was in a relationship with a singer by the name of Kylie Minogue, but no other relationship background has been revealed about him.


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