Hackers Latest Celebrity Target – Private Photos of Demi Lovato Leaked


Demi Lovato has become the very latest celebrity to be targeted by hackers and have her personal photos be leaked to online sources.

Sources have stated that a total of six personal pictures of this Skyscraper star laying on her bed while having on a top that was unzipped have been allegedly circulating the internet via multiple pornographic websites. At this time it is unclear just how authentic these pictures are as well as when or even where the pictures have been taken.

Although Demi did speak upon the claims that some of these pictures are naked photos of herself, tweeting – how she loves the fact that everyone is freaking about one photo and that it is not even a nude photo it only shows cleavage.  She also tweets that the world has seen her nude BY CHOICE before.

This is not in fact the very first time that alleged racy pictures of Demi Lovato have been circulating.  In the year 2014, nude photos of the 24 year old, which also included Wilmer Valerrama her ex-boyfriend appeared on the World Wide Web.

This recent leak of photo comes just one week after Demi celebrated her five years of sobriety by driving around the Las Angeles area and hand delivering donations to various organizations and local charities. Demi randomly selected a group of caused that she based on the work that they do, which include transgender, bisexual, gay and lesbian groups as well as non-profit organizations that offer animal adoption and care. 

Demi also made a marked milestone on social media.  Demi sent out an Instagram that state she is so grateful and that it has been quite a journey – with a picture of a progress tracker from AA. 

Demi is not the first, other celebrities that have been targets of hackers recently included Dylan Penn, Emma Watson, Katie Cassidy, Mischa Barton, Rhona Mitra, and Amanda Seyfried.


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