Glamour Model Kelly Brook Takes Drastic Meaures To Avoid Gathering Paparazzi

Kelly-BrookGlamour model Kelly Brook has been having a rough time of late due to the breakup of her relationship with rugby player Danny Cipriani, so much so she wishes she had “stayed away from relationships” and been a little more “selfish” over the past few years.

Speaking in yesterdays Sunday Mirror Brook, 33, was talking about her past relationships. She said, “Stay away from relationships. I should probably have stayed single until now and focused on myself a lot more. I now plan to be selfish. It’s important for your self development to focus on yourself instead of someone else.”

Since her silt from Cipriani Kelly admitted the paparazzi were watching her every move, so much so that she has been forced to take extreme measures to avoid the gathering paparazzi at her home and restaurants. She said, “Photographers are outside my house most days, so I jump out of windows.”

When Kelly is out and about avoiding the paparazzi doesn’t get any easier, so to avoid them Kelly said, “I sneak out of restaurant kitchens, use underground car parks, anything for a bit of peace.”

It will not be long until the paparazzi get the “revealing money shot” of Kelly Brook sneaking out of a window, but until then they will continue to hound her on a daily basis no doubt.


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