George Clooney: UPDATE

George Clooney: UPDATEGeorge Clooney is out of jail and continuing his mission to spread the word about the humanitarian crisis in Sudan. Although he was not in jail long and paid a small fine of 100 dollars, many fans were upset that he was arrested to begin with.

Clooney finds a bit of humor in everything as he tells reporters that his one call from jail was to his mother, rather than the assumed recipient girlfriend Stacy Kiebler.

George is talking more about why he went with his journalist father to Sudan and he remembers Liz Taylor. He says she used her star power to team up with a journalist to get important stories heard. George is now Liz Taylor and he wants the humanitarian crisis known in every household, to spur movement to protect the innocent civilians of Sudan.

George has a motivation that he was raised with and he says “You have a responsibility to participate in the human condition, one way or another.”

For those who are unaware, many Sudanese civilians are close to starvation as they are attacked by their president, Omar al-Bashir, with Antonov planes and Chinese missiles. Mothers and their children hide in rock caves and cannot plant food to eat. Their supply is about out and Omar al-Bashir is not allowing aid to reach those desperately in need.


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