George Clooney Arrested in Protest

George Clooney Arrested in ProtestGeorge Clooney was arrested this morning outside of the Sudanese Embassy for his involvement in a protest. Clooney is protesting the violent conflict in Sudan where many women and children are murdered, kidnapped, raped and/or on the brink of starvation. The numbers are huge and the conflict is by definition a war crime which means there should be foreign involvement to reach a diplomatic end and try those who are responsible.

There is pure genocide in the Blue Nile region as Sudan President Omar al-Bashir strikes civilians by air raid missiles engineered by the Chinese.

Clooney has spent some time in Sudan on the ground watching missiles fly through the air. He also made a video that graphically depicts the crisis. Some say that Clooney is using his star power to raise awareness and good for him taking an active role in the Sudan conflict.

While it is unclear is Clooney has been released he was in a DC jail. Many have taken to Twitter to speak out against Clooney’s arrest. Along with Clooney, his father and journalist Nick Clooney was arrested with other congressmen.


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