Gabriel Aubry: I Beat My Case

Gabriel Aubry: I Beat My CaseSources have revealed that Halle Berry’s baby daddy is not been charged after the nanny accused him of pushing her while she held his daughter, Nahla, in her arms.

When this first took place Gabriel Aubry was furious due to the nanny questioning him as to why his daughter was not in school – supposedly anyways. The nanny later filed a battery report where she says that during their confrontation she picked up Nahla and Gabriel Aubry pushed her out of the door while she continued to hold her. However, it has been concluded that Gabriel Aubry will not be wearing the charges because of “insufficient evidence.”

The nanny can be pleased about causing the riot in his life. Thanks to her the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services persuaded the judge to put an order in place that only allows him to watch Nahla when they are being supervised by a monitor.

We may never know the truth behind this story but Nahla has revealed that her daddy scares her and personally we do not see why she would have a reason to lie on her father. What do you think?


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