Fox News Declines To Carry Obama Prime Time Conference

Fox became the first broadcast network this year to turn down a request by the president for prime time, turning him down and instead showing a drama,  “Lie to Me” on Wednesday instead of the president’s prime-time news conference.(Maybe they thought the drama Lie to Me, was better than the president “Lying To US”

With a depressed economy, a couple of wars in the works and now the swine flu..  there is a good bit of pressure for the networks to agree to show his overly large ears  as a public service.

Executives at Fox, owned by News Corp., had no comment to make on the decision Monday.


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2 Responses to “Fox News Declines To Carry Obama Prime Time Conference”

  1. john says:

    It amazing that is man hasn’t been in office for 6 months, but you guys believe that he’s the cause for everything thats evil. Its take longer that a couple of months to get this ship turned around after 8 years on driving into the dark. Weapon of mass distuction, what was that?

  2. Robbi says:

    its amazing that YOU infer ALL that from a simple article saying that Fox wasn’t visiting his conference..
    Secondary to that, name me ONE politician that hasn’t lied to the public and I’ll cough up an apology.. You’re being naive if you think he’s the cure all to everything.

    LOL and for the record.. the whole bigoted “you guys” that you lumped the author into.. is fairly closed minded in and of itself.. I know this author.. she’s not a man, she’s not white and she isn’t a Republican.. and she still thinks he has big ears and doesn’t always tell the truth..It’s all just a bit too phoney for my tastes as well
    take for example the whole.. first dog crap..
    Didn’t have a dog.. never had a dog.. suddenly America expects a dog so they get one..
    And not just ANY first dog.. a pedigreed first dog, trained by someone else, purchased from a kennel.. possibly to improve their image, or provide great photos on the white house lawn..
    Michelle, a regular lady.. completely renovating her style.. its a touch much and people are noticing ..

    GASP! now where can you go with that?