Former child actor found guilty of double murder

Skylar Deleon

Former child actor, 29-year-old Skylar Deleon (he had a part on the 90s television series “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”) has been found guilty of the 2004 murders of Tom and Jackie Hawks, a retired couple who were tied to the anchor of their own yacht and then thrown overboard.

According to the news agency AFP, Deleon killed the couple in order to steal their yacht and savings. The former child actor did have two accomplices, John F. Kennedy and Alonso Machain, who will reportedly face trails at a later date.

It is believed that the three men sailed out with the Hawks, pretending to be potential buyers of the yacht. Once at sea, the men attacked the couple and forced them to sign over the yacht to them. Tom and Jackie Hawks were then tied to the anchor and thrown overboard while still alive. Their bodies were never found.

Deleon faces the death penalty. The jury will begin deliberations on his sentence tomorrow.


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