Flashback 70’s.. Remember Fantasy Island??

Flash Back… a remote island..palm trees swaying.. Herve Villachaize dressed in white tux uttering the words..”The Plane, Boss, the Plane” to which Mr Roarke (Ricardo Montalban) responds, also decked out to the nines, to welcome their guests..

Every single visitor to Fantasy Island could live out their dreams, make them come true.

One woman wants to be a beauty queen for her father, while another wants to become a sex symbol, a third wants to score the business deal of a lifetime, while another just wants the respect of her family.

There was danger, excitement and all of the things that your everyday life didn’t have, along with the mystery of Mr Roarke, a man we didn’t know much about. Later seasons saw Roarke mixing up magic potions and casting his own brand of spells as well.

There was sometimes an element of danger, or a twist of fate, but everything always worked out for the best.

Original filming really took place at a paradise of sorts, a tropical park known as the Arboretum, that is about 25 miles from LA California.

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