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Celebrities In Passing
2008 has seen some wonderful gains in Hollywood, some wonderful gains for the country ,  as well as some devastating losses for both.  Hollywood 2009 will be missing some of the best and brightest,  older stars, new talents, up and
New Role, New Body
Some actors are known for doing just about anything to stay fit and fabulous. More than a few spend tons of money on personal trainers, liposuction, nose jobs, botox injections and butt implants, while others shop designer clothes, bags and
Celebrity Scientologists
Celebrity Scientologists The world’s religions have always had some kind of figurehead. In modern times that person isn’t always clergy but rather the lay people who have found themselves attracted to a Path. Celebrities do not seem immune to the religion
Celebrity Diet Secrets
Celebrity Diets Hollywood is considered the hub of the “beautiful people” with good reason. When you look at most of these actors and actresses, you cannot help but wonder how anyone living such posh lifestyles could stay fit and trim. Maybe
While some celebrities act like animals, others look like animals…
Take a look at 10 celebrities who are spitting images of furry creatures... The Olsen Twins & Cute Creatures Wearing Goggles Dog the Bounty Hunter & A Lion President George Bush & A Confused Monkey Don King & A Fluffy Creature Al Gore & The