Ewan McGregor Asks Court to Declare Him Single Before Finalizing His Divorce

Where’s Judge Judy when you need her the most?

It seems that Ewan McGregor is looking forward to being officially single.

The actor filed a document in which he asks the court to declare him and his ex wife both single, before the divorce is finalized.

Bifurcation Requested

This request is known as bifurcation and the reason for it was that he thinks that “a termination of the status of our marriage at this time will assist in [the] resolution of the balance of this matter.”

In January 2018, McGregor, 48, filed for divorce from a production designer Eve Mavrakis, 53, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split.

The pair had been together for 22 years and share 4 children.

At the time of his divorce filing, it seemed that the reason for the divorce was that McGregor was spotted kissing his former Fargo costar Mary Elizabeth Winstead, but he and Mavrakis had been separated for almost half a year prior to that.

Winstead had also separated from her husband in May 2017.

Family Matters Looking Up

The whole situation seemed messy at the time, and the kids seemed they didn’t approve of their dad’s new relationship.

The oldest daughter, Clara, was most vocal about it, she inadvertently called her dad an a**hole after she shared an Instagram post of her mother in a bikini and also said Winstead was “trash” on one photos of her.

Mcgreggor is still dating Winstead, and he seems to be on better terms with Mavrakis. The Golden Globe winner even thanked her in his acceptance speech.

These two have not divided their assets yet. This includes a community estate valued at over $25 million and jointly held retirement plans in the U.S. and a U.K. pension for the actor valued at $1.3 million.


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