Eva Mendes Reveals Why She Doesn’t Post Photos of Her Kids

Eva Mendes has been notoriously private about her life with Ryan Gosling and their children.

Recently the actress admitted to her fans why she doesn’t want to share any photos of them. 

The Reason For Keeping Them Off Social Media

In a recent post on Instagram, the Hitch star explained in the caption how she was not sure about what was appropriate to post. 

However, she doesn’t feel like sharing anything about her family.

Responding to a comment from a fan asking why she doesn’t share any photos of Gosling and their children, she wrote:

“I have always had a clear boundary when it comes to my man and my kids … I’ll talk about them of course, with limits, but I won’t post pictures of our daily life.” 

Mendes went on to explain that since her kids are so young, it doesn’t feel right to make the decision for them about what they want to be online.

“Since my children are still so little and don’t understand what posting their image really means, I don’t have their consent. And I won’t post their image until they’re old enough to give me consent.

As far as Ryan and I, it just works for us this way, To stay private. Sending loads of love to you at this time.”

Being Transparent

Many followers apologized for the questions and thanked Mendes for her honesty. On the other hand,  she assured them that she doesn’t mind communicating directly with fans. 

“I don’t mind explaining myself sometimes,” she wrote, adding, “I care about people and their questions. So I’m happy to answer honestly. But thanks for saying thanks! Sending you lots of love out there.”

Mendes and Gosling started dating after meeting on the set of the 2011 movie “The Place Beyond the Pines.” The couple now has two daughters, 5-year-old Esmeralda and 3-year-old Amada Lee.


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