Emily Blunt Is Turned Away By UNICEF For Not Being “Enough Of A Star”

Emily-BluntCharities rely on many of the worlds biggest names to help them attract more funds, and one of the biggest charities of them all UNICEF must be doing OK right now as they have turned down English Actress Emily Blunt because she is not famous enough!

Blunt, 30, is well known for her roles in ‘The Young Victoria’ and ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, roles that have seen her nominated for various awards like a BAFTA and a Golden Globe Award. A spokesperson for Blunt confirmed that UNICEF turned her down in an interview with the MailOnline. They said, “UNICEF were keen to court Emily and made contact with her. She’s a big name in British cinema, glamorous, and very much on the rise after winning some big accolades, so she seemed to be a perfect addition.”

The source went on to add, “It’s a big deal to be asked, and Emily’s people were keen to get her involved. But all of the celebrities in the list have to be signed off in New York and some of the senior management didn’t feel she was enough of a star, so they’ve gone cold on her.”

Blunt has reportedly helped UNICEF in the past and would have been only too pleased to help them out again as her source revealed. They said, “It is very disappointing for Emily and quite embarrassing for her. More than anything, she has supported UNICEF in the past and would have loved to do more to help what she believes is a fantastic charity.”

It appears as though UNICEF are in a very select position right now, especially if they can hand pick who they would like to represent them. There are probably hundreds of charities who would just love to have the gorgeous Emily Blunt on board and UNICEF’s loss is most certainly going to be another’s charity gain.


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