Ed Sheeran inks Taylor Swift’s Album Name on his arm

Ed Sheeran inks Taylor Swift's Album Name on his armSinger Ed Sheeran has numerous tattoos, however the one dedicated to Taylor Swift is nearest to his heart.

Honoring his touring partner, the singer-songwriter got a new ink on his arm of Swift’s album title Red.

“The majority of Ed’s tattoos are all personal and all have meaning to his life at that moment,” Kevin Paul, the tattoo artist told Celebuzz of his latest work of art. “The single just came out that he did on the album, and he’s very good friends with Taylor.”
The British singer placed some significant thought into his brand new tattoo ever since launching his collaborative single with the blonde beauty, “Everything Has Changed”.

According to Paul – who has also inked such stars as members of the band Snow Patrol and One Direction’s Harry Styles – The 22 year old Taylor Swift was flattered that Sheeran made his mark.

The tattoo artist, who’se been near to Sheeran’s for several years, told Celebuzz Swift had no clue that Sheeran planned this kind of permanent sign of his friendship with the country crooner, who’s fourth album just sold 1.2 million copies in one week.

“They’re very close friends, so I think there were personal reasons for him [to get the Red tattoo]. I think a bit of thought went into it.”


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