Dwayne Johnson Named People’s No. 1 Reason to Love America

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is No. 1 on People‘s 100 Reasons to Love America list, unveiled Wednesday (June 16).

What He Had to Say

On receiving the honor the 49-year-old star said the following: 

“It feels great. I’ve been a lucky guy over the years to have the career that I’ve been blessed enough to have. And things like this, I’m always appreciative. We’re here in Hawaii, where I did a lot of my growing up… I was just Dwayne Johnson, the kid who’s having a hard time going to school making his classes. I never expected in my wildest of wild dreams that I would ever be in a position to be on the cover of People – and certainly not with this kind of title.”

About His Family Life

He also spoke about his life amid the pandemic with his family. 

“It was a shakeup for us. I did this weird thing every day where I still got up and got dressed like I was getting ready to go someplace. I mean, shoes and all. That helped me psychologically. On a relationship and marriage standpoint, you realize you have to really be attentive to your reactions and responses, because your patience capacity starts to compress.”

On being married to Lauren Hashian: 

“The ease of being in our relationship now, I think going on 13, 14 years-she’s going to kill me that I don’t know the exact number…but there’s a comfort. We may argue, but truly within 10 minutes we pull ourselves out of it and find some humor in the things that we just said. Mainly the things that I just said.”

As for his next project Jungle Cruise, which costars Emily Blunt, the actor hopes all families will leave theaters feeling “one of life’s greatest anchors, which is gratitude itself.”


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