During the Big Game Many Celebrities Just Could Not Help Trash Talking


During the Super Bowl as the New England Patriots were staging the greatest comeback that was ever seen against the Atlanta Falcons, sports fans that are celebrities were ultimately busy trash talking one another on social media sites.

Fans of the Atlanta Falcons were very passionate about their trash talk as they dominated the New England Patriots during the first three quarters of the Super Bowl, but as Tom Brady stepped up his game and started to even out that score, the New England Patriots celebrity fans started to get their fill.  If there is a lesson that should ultimately be learned here, it is that no fan should start their celebration prematurely as the old saying goes do not count your chickens before they hatch.

BFFs Chris Evans’ and Octavia Spencer started a twitter war that ultimate started when Octavia started to troll the former co-star about the Atlanta Falcons being in the lead.  Octavia stated “Hey is there a score yet on this game? Just curious.”  Chris came back with “You better be careful.  The New England Patriots make adjustments in half time better than any other team that is in the league!”  As the Patriots did just what Chris stated he was all over it tweeting “Ummm I was just checking the game score.”  All Octavia could come up with as a reply is “WELL WELL WELL”.

Diehard New England Patriot fan such as Mark Wahlberg did not get into any social media pretend feud, yet he was sure to let his friend that are Atlanta Falcon fans that he was overjoyed with the New England Patriot big win.  Mark FaceTimed longtime friend Ludacris in order to rub it in, Ludacrist than shared a screenshot of the call on Instagram stating “of course he called to rub it in, laughing to keep from crying, damn how this hurts.”


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