Drake and Chris Brown Sued For Night Club Brawl

Drake and Chris Brown Sued For Night Club BrawlChris Brown and Drake are being sued for $16 million for doing nothing to stop a fight involving both their entourages at theNew York Citynight club W.I.P. on June 14. The lawsuit was filed by Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, the company that owns the trademark for Greenhouse. Owners of the club are not involved in this lawsuit and have declined to make a statement.

Both Brown’s and Drake’s representatives have not released their own statements concerning the lawsuit, which was filed on Wednesday. The lawsuit faulted both musicians as they did not do something to stop the fight that ended up in flinging of glasses and bottles all over the crowded night club. The fight itself left Brown, NBA star Tony Parker and many others with injuries. It was said to have been started by a member of Drake’s posse when he confronted Brown on the dance floor. Drake himself was on his way out of the club and was not able to injure anyone, or get injured.

Entertainment Enterprises lawyers have cited news accounts implicating issues between Brown and Drake who both have dated singer Rihanna. The lawyers believed that the two of them instigated, encouraged or at least did not stop the fight. Owners of the night club are also facing charges for the brawl including a $20 million claim from Tony Parker. The club was shuttered for some time after the brawl and reopened on July 10.




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