Dr. Murray Has Not Given Up On Getting Out of Jail

Dr. Murray Has Not Given Up On Getting Out of JailDr. Conrad Murray is now thirty pounds lighter because of so many bowel movements. He says that the cause behind him losing all of this weight is the L.A. County Jail.

Dr. Conrad Murray has been sick since he was incarcerated in November. He is constantly complaining about the water smelling and tasting bad and even how he is forced to eat things that are bad for his diet which in return is destroying his health.

Dr. Conrad Murray says that he cannot eat what the jails provide so he is forced to buy and eat “cat food”. He is considering cat food to be salmon flakes, canned mackerel, and canned tuna.

Since Murray is having a bad jail experience he feels that he will be released and has started filing multiple appeals. He thinks the judge will feel bad for him because of this health issues he is complaining about. However, one of the L.A. sheriffs has said that all inmates receive all of the nutrition and medical care that the law requires.

Looks like Dr. Murray’s plan is sinking fast because jail is not supposed to be a leisure experience.


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