Dr. Conrad Murray: Who Are You To Judge Me?

Dr. Conrad Murray: Who Are You To Judge Me?Dr. Conrad Murray’s secret video that was never supposed to get out to the public has now been released. It shows a recording that he made just a few days after Michael Jackson’s death. During this video people are able to see the lies that the Dr tells and the way he really feels about Michael Jackson as well as the public.

One thing that is pissing people off who watch this video is the fact that Dr. Murray has no shame when it comes to lying at all. One of his most popular lies are, “Despite our relationships and conversations, I not made aware through recent media reporting that he failed to share with me any problems involving his alleged addictions with medications.” The public knows this is a lie because during the trial it was revealed that Dr. Murray was well aware of Michael Jackson’s addictions. Furthermore, as the video continues Dr. Murray states that no one on this earth is innocent in fact everyone has skeletons in their closets.

The reason the video was buried and not shown during the trial is because Murray’s lawyers felt as though the video would do him more harm than good.


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