Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Carrie Prejean has  apparently decided that with her new breasts and her lack of a job, the obvious next move would be pop princess. So how does that fit into the anti gay marriage thing? we’re sure she’ll find an angle..

She took to the stage with Audrina Patridge and Wilmer Valderama to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Del Mar Racetrack in San Diego on Wednesday. Of course gambling and racing is MUCH more acceptable than gay marriage.

The recently and most controversially dethroned former Miss California took to the mic to do a live song. What Next Carrie?


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One Response to “Don’t Quit Your Day Job”

  1. Hayley-jayne says:

    Personally I think that she can be what she wants to be she shouldn’t be told what to by people she doesn’t know! But that’s my opinion.
    What I am trying to say is that she and everyone have their own dreams and that they should try to furfull them.