Does Kim Kardashian Really Want A Divorce?

Does Kim Kardashian Really Want A Divorce?Sources are reporting that Kim was really unsure when it came down to making the decision as to whether or not she would divorce Kris Humphries. It seems that she knew that she wasn’t happy, however she wasn’t too sure when it came down to whether or not the marriage could be fixed or not. We have even been told that she spent a lot of time crying when she was trying to make this decision.

The media expected that this marriage wouldn’t last too long. However, they did not expect that it would only last for 72 days. Kim said the thing that helped her make her decision final on Sunday was the fact that she found out the Kris had hired a Hollywood publicist. She feels as though he does not deserve a place in Hollywood because he is into sports. However, is Kris Humphries sudden change a result of Kim’s actions? Remember, she was the one who didn’t want to move to Minnesota with him.

At least they were smart when they were married and had a prenup in place. This means that neither one of them owes the other a dime. Also, Kris really didn’t lose out on anything simply because he did not pay for the $2 million dollar engagement ring in the first place. Not to mention the fact that he made $3.2 million from the nets.


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