Disgraced X Factor Judge Tulisa Contostavlos Left “Utterly Petrified” By Attempted Stalker

Tulisa-ContostavlosTulisa Contostavlos has been on the front page of virtually every newspaper in the world over the last few weeks regarding the story about her arrest, an arrest that was made on suspicion of supplying cocaine to a reporter at a top London Hotel. Today she is in the news again as a stalker has attempted to break into her Hertfordshire home in the middle of the night leaving the former X Factor judge “petrified”.

On Wednesday evening an alleged man broke past security at the singers home and started banging on the door demanding to see her. A source close to the former X Factor judge has spoken to the Daily Mirror about the events on Wednesday evening. They said, “He started knocking down her front door in the middle of the night and Tulisa was utterly petrified. This is the last thing she needs to be dealing with right now.”

The source went on to add, “She has had an absolutely hellish past few days, and now this. She is at an all-time low. T is a girl whose professional life is in tatters. This guy started hounding her daily since the drug fixing story broke.”

Hertfordshire Police confirmed that they have now arrested a man who has since been issued with a warning for harassment, but he has since been released without any further charge. Many people will say Tulisa deserves what is happening to her right now because of her past misdemeanour’s, but in all honestly no-one deserves to be stalked by any man or women, even more so while they are in their own home.


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