Disastrous Celebrity Plastic Surgery – What Were They Thinking?

Tara Reid had a very nice and well balanced body until she inevitably took the plunge and opted for plastic surgery.  She opted to get a boob job that ended up being a BOTCHED Boob job, now she looks as if she has two different size breast as well as one hangs well below the other.  No more going braless for her.

The famous singer Kenny Rogers lost a lot of his very handsome features when he decided to go for a little bit of plastic surgery.  Kenny Rogers himself has stated that he actually regrets this decision.

The New York socialite Jocelyn Wildenstien who is very well known for leading a very extravagant lifestyle. This lifestyle includes spending an extravagant amount of cash on multiple plastic surgery procedures.  At this point even Jocelyn states that she wishes she could in fact buy who own old face back.

The very well know comedian Carrot Top has never been known to anyone as being normal, but with his new looks from a plastic surgery procedure he seriously scares the pants off people.

The well-known actor Ray Liotta who has in fact made quite a living off of playing the bad guy in many movies, just may find it a bit hard to find a spot like that with his very new emotionless, wax-like features of his plastic surgery blunder.

Nicole Kidman the well-known actress has also opted for plastic surgery, yet she still is beautiful with or without it.  But in fact she know looks like a total different person almost as if she were going for the ice princess look, very freaky.

Last but not least Janice Dickenson, who was a top notch gorgeous supermodel, but too many plastic surgery procedures has made it very difficult to age gracefully these days.


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