Demi Moore Visits Spiritualist To Get Over Spilt From Husband Ashton Kutcher

Demi-MooreDemi Moore may have split from her husband Ashton Kutcher nearly two years ago now, but she is still finding life hard after the break up, so much so that she is seeking help from a spiritualist on a regular basis.

According to a source close to Demi Moore, 50, the actress has been visiting an astrologer and counsellor by the name of Paddi Moore. The source said, “Demi’s been getting spiritual instruction. Paddi’s helping Demi clear the negative energy out of her life. Demi’s been focusing on strengthening her interpersonal relationship and trying to cleanse her karma of all the nastiness of the past.”

The source also said, “Demi has told those close to her that her sessions with the astrologer have been life-changing and they’re helping her keep her demons in check.”

Moore and Kutcher broke up in November 2011 amid allegations that Kutcher, 35, had been cheating on his wife. As yet there has been no divorce and recent reports suggest that Moore is looking for an eight figure sum as a form of settlement. With that kind of money Demi Moore will soon be over Ashton Kutcher as she will be able to afford as many sessions with her counsellor as she wants, not that she can’t afford them already!


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