Days To Stream Online

Like Sands Through the Hourglass… A few years past time and perhaps a few bright stars too late, Days of Our Lives will begin streaming full episodes online, NBC has announced. ((can it BE that after firing the best and brightest No one really cares to tune in on the telly?)

The series which is now in their 43rd year, will offer American viewers the opportunity to watch entire episodes of the soap for sixteen days following their original broadcast, however many of their former fans admit to not caring if they see the show again, due the the networks ridiculous firing of the major stars that amounted to little more than age discrimination in the public viewpoint.(see comments from disgruntled fans here regarding ageism and sexism).

“ is pleased to add Days of Our Lives to the great lineup of shows available for streaming,” said Vivi Zigler, president of NBC Universal Digital Entertainment. “Days has such great fans – now they can watch every episode again online.”

We’re standing by to see if that actually happens. We’re betting that by cutting the veterans, NBC daytime may have cut their own throat.


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