David Beckham To Miss Glastonbury So He Can Spend Time With The Family

david-beckhamThe last weekend in June is when the music world and hundreds of thousands of music lovers head to Pilton in Somerset for the Glastonbury Festival. One star that was expected to attend this weekend was David Beckham, as he had always wanted to go, but it appears as though he will now be staying at home with his family.

Dave Gardiner is a close friend of Beckham’s and according to a close friend of the football star he had arranged some of the best tickets for this weekend. Speaking to the Sun Newspaper the source said, “David has been working really hard on ambassadorial duties in China and wanted a weekend to enjoy himself with some friends. He has never been to Glastonbury and was really up for some pear ciders now that he doesn’t have to worry about pre-season training. But now he is back, he and Victoria decided to stay at home with the kids.”

Spending time at home with the family has to be more fun than parading through the muddy fields of Glastonbury doesn’t it? But perhaps the real reason to why David and Victoria are not attending is because Victoria couldn’t face the acres and acres of waterlogged muddy fields.


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