Coroner Rules Jackson Death a Homicide

 The LA county coroner has ruled that the death of Jackson was a homicide, but the facts just don’t seem to bear it out.
An affidavit from the Dr who treated Jackson said that he had been urged to treat the singer, and attempted several other types of mediation prior to injecting him with the powerful drug which apparently killed him.

Jackson was quite, according to evidence obtained at his home, more than  willing to break the law and to lie and cheat to achieve his drug desires, but his insistence doesn’t seem to count in the overall scheme of things.

It seems that the pop star Jackson is not being held responsible in any way for his own death despite his apparent addiction, while the medical community who  treated him without proper knowledge  will seemingly face the music for their actions.


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One Response to “Coroner Rules Jackson Death a Homicide”

  1. Amethyst Johnson says:

    but are they going 2 arrest the doctor tho????????????