Christina Ricci is Party and Drug Free

Christina Ricci is Party and Drug FreeChristina Ricci started her acting career at a very young age with hit movies like ‘The Addams Family’ and ‘Casper’.

According to BANG Media, the 28-year-old actress had a wild period in her younger days, but reports that she now doesn’t go out partying anymore.

She said: “I had my own period of experimentation – I was pretty wild for a while – but drugs were never my thing. I liked drinking but I couldn’t handle it, so I stopped.”

Christina is afraid of getting caught on camera by the paparazzi while being intoxicated.

“Now if you go to a restaurant in Hollywood or go to a party you’re going to end up being photographed. So why you’d get drunk and fall over in front of photographers I really don’t know,” she added.

Christina Ricci recently starred in the movie ‘Penelope’ and is soon to be seen in the new film ‘Speed Racer’ which is directed by the Wachowski brothers.


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