Christina Aguilera’s Files For Divorce

Christina Aguilera’s Marriage OverChristina Aguilera’s marriage with Jordan Bratman is over, at least for now. The breakup is particularly shocking (at least for Aguilera fans) because the couple’s relationship just a short time ago seemed bulletproof.

Christina constantly and consistently went on record bragging about how great Bratman was as a husband, how lucky she was for having him in her life and how terrific their marriage was. Well, it looks like things have changed. The duo has supposedly been separated for between 5-6 months.

Aguilera was the one who filed for divorce. She cited the celebrity-friendly excuse “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split. However, there are rumors that Christina strayed and was unfaithful. Perhaps Bratman is too much of a gentleman to out her in public and is fine with letting her cite “irreconcible differences” as the cause of their divorce.

There is a pre-nup agreement in place. Christina has filed a petition that any money made before, during and after the marriage be counted as separate. I’m not sure about this one. I can see before and after, but money made during the marriage, I think should be shared. If the tables were turned, i.e., Bratman was the superstar, I’m sure she would be angling for income generated while the two were married. She also wants to make sure that Bratman doesn’t receive spousal support. Wow, it looks like Christina is going hard!!

Aguilera has asked Laura Wasser to represent her. She is looking for both joint legal and physical custody of the couple’s son, Max.


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