Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson Reunite in Men In Black International

The Galaxy defenders are back in a new Men in Black movie.

Six years after Wil Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’s Men In Black trilogy hit the theatres across the globe, Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thomson are putting their black suits and glasses on in the ever-lasting fight against the evil.

The Fourth Movie

Man In Black International is a spinoff of the original Man In Black series.

Chris and Tessa’s characters head to London to combat a new alien threat and an MIB mole. Also starring in the film are Liam Neeson, who plays the head of the group’s U.K. branch, Emma Thompson, who returns as chief of MIB, plus franchise newbies Rebecca Ferguson and Kumail Nanjiani.

Fans of the original movies will be satisfied to see some familiar alien faces in the new movie, playing homage to Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’ original Men In Black movie characters.

The trailer was dropped few days ago and the fans can’t wait 14 June 2019 for the movie to get to the cinemas. The movie is under the production of Walter Parks and Laurie MacDonald. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Will Smith will be making reappearance.

The film will feature the London branch of the men in black group as they travel the world to solve an alien murder mystery. If the two leads can bring the chemistry they had in Thor, we are in for one hell of a ride though.

Fruitful Collaboration

Thomson and Hemsworth have already collaborated together in Marvel’s blockbuster Thor: Ragnarok and producers expected the pair to reproduce the same comic tune here. The movie is directed by F. Gary Gray famous for The Fate of the Furious and The Italian Job.

The trailer released features the song ‘London Bridge’ in the background by Fergie given the fact that the story is set in the English capital, while the original 1997 theme song remains out of the picture for now.

“Hopefully we’re doing the franchise proud. It’s a lot more action than I think you’ve seen in the other Men in Black films. It is global in scope, it’s set here in the UK which is super fun, there’s a lot of fun, English humor. As agents, they also travel elsewhere in the world,” Thompson said in a recent interview.


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