Chris Brown’s Girlfriend is Afraid To Leave Home Alone

Chris Brown's Girlfriend is Afraid To Leave Home AloneChris Brown’s girlfriend is heavily equipped with bodyguards these days anytime she has to leave her home. She can thank dating Rihanna’s ex for that because her fans have turned crazy, some even threatening to take her life!

Last week we discussed how Rihanna dissed Karrueche Tran via Twitter by uploading a bad of rice cakes wearing big hoops and sun glasses while the caption stated, ”Ima make u my b####”. This is disrespectful, for those who do not know, Chris Brown’s girlfriend is Vietnamese and they eat rice cakes while she also wears sun glasses and hoop earrings.

Maybe Rihanna looked at this as a joke but her devoted fans obviously did not. Ever since the picture was released Karrueche has been receiving a ton of negative reactions – like the threats. Other times she has received messages stating that the sender hopes Rihanna beats her a## and that she needs to start watching her back.

Rihanna may be hoping to win Chris Brown back and her fans may want to see them together but it does not seem as though this is going to happen. Chris Brown is still with his girlfriend and from recent pictures it does not appear that they are having any problems. Not to mention the fact that Chris Brown has told her not to worry about Rihanna.


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