Chris Brown vs Drake

Chris Brown vs DrakeFor those of you who have not heard yet it appears as though Chris Brown and Drake got into quite a brawl. Officials have been trying to get to the bottom of it based on a video that was recorded, but so far they are having no luck because the surveillance video is entirely too dark. This explains why the club contacted them voluntarily yesterday with the footage because they obviously knew that it would be useless.

So far, the club is the only one who has given up their video yet sources are sure others were filming this brawl. From the looks of Chris Brown’s body guard things got pretty out of hand. You can find pictures floating around the web of him and it is very clear that he got his head split open pretty hard. Not to mention the fact that Tony Parker was also one of the people who was injured in the brawl. According to reports he only suffers from an eye injury though.

Overall, this Chris Brown and Drake brawl was something that got way out of hand but Tony Parker still states that he will be performing in the Olympics on June 20th.


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