Cheryl Cole Celebrates £1.4Million Payout From X-Factor USA

Cheryl-ColeCheryl Cole was fired from The X-Factor USA after just a few weeks back in 2011, and ever since she has been in dispute with the producers Blue Orbit, but yesterday the 30 year old Geordie was celebrating after she was awarded a payout of £1.4million!

Cole was sacked from the show in 2011 after initially signing a two year contract. She had already been paid her salary for the first year of her contract, but not the second, until now that is. A source close to Cole revealed all to the Daily Mirror Newspaper by saying, “It’s been a long fight between both sets of lawyers, but is has come at a welcome relief to both parties it is finally over.”

The source went on to add, “Cheryl was determined to get what she thought she was owed and the award she has received shows just how right she was. The payout allows the slate to wiped clean for Cheryl after a gruelling year she had after being sacked.”

A great result for Cheryl Cole, and she could be celebrating even more if she is awarded a contract to return to the UK version of the show next year. Reports earlier this week claim that Cole is close to signing a deal for the 2014 show, a deal that will see her reunited with Simon Cowell.


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