Cheryl Cole And Tre Holloway End 14 Month Relationship

Cheryl-ColeCheryl Cole and Tre Holloway have allegedly spilt up according to reports in the press today, just 14 months after first getting together.

The Daily Mirror is just one newspaper that is reporting the fact that the former Girls Aloud singer has ended her 14 month relationship with the US Dancer Holloway. A source told the newspaper the following, “Cheryl and Tre had a brilliant year together but the pressures of long-distance dating eventually became too much. Although Cheryl does a lot of work in America, often it is in New York, which is still a good six-hour flight away. The time difference, plus the hectic nature of Cheryl’s working schedule, eventually took their toll.”

The source went on to add, “Cheryl realised that if they weren’t going to live together, realistically, the relationship, just wasn’t going to go anywhere. Despite splitting up in the summer, they met up for dinner last week just as mates and they had a great time. They remain incredibly fond of one another and their families are also still very close and in regular contact.”

It is always a shame when couples break-up, and particularly so regarding this relationship as it seemed Tre Holloway and Cheryl Cole were made for each other.


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