Charlie Sheen’s Opening Night Review

Charlie Sheen’s Opening Night ReviewReviews for the first night of Charlie Sheen’s tour “My Violent Torpedo of Truth: Defeat is Not an Option,” are coming out and so far they’re not positive to say the least. His first show was to a Detroit audience and according to reports Sheen was practically booed off the stage. The sold out show with an audience of over 5000 reportedly waited 45 minutes for Sheen to grace the stage.

He started off doing OK, but soon enough the audience started to get restless, then Sheen descended into rambling, to the increasing boos and jeers of the audience. An exert of Sheen’s words of truth;

“I used my power against them and stuffed their arms down their gaping throats. No time to take their stinking toupees because this warlock was on the move!”

In Between his banter Sheen filled considerable stage time with video clips from his past movie roles. Then he left the stage promising to come back after saying;

“OK, OK, I’ll do some crack stories.”

He then played Snoop Dogg’s video for his new song called ‘Winning’. But instead of Sheen returning to the stage, the lights came up and the audience apparently sat stunned for a short time before boos filled the auditorium as they realized that was the end of the show.

It’s a 20 Date tour so let’s hope for Sheen’s sake that this was just a bad night and a rough start or perhaps this is all part of his grand plan.


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