Channing Tatum Takes Magic Mike Live to London

After the successful Magic Mike Live Las Vegas production, Channing Tatum is taking the show to London.

Magic Mike Live Without Tatum on Stage?

He broke this amazing news on Britain’s Got Talent final show on 3 June after a group of Magic Mike Live dancers performed one of their most famous routines.

He explained that the dancers are not from Las Vegas production but from the London’s and the crowd lost their minds. In the first hour of box office, the new production sold $1.8 million worth of tickets so they obviously made the right move. The 38-year-old actor is co-producing the show but it’s still unclear whether he’ll make an appearance during any of the performances.

“I’m a dad now. I’m old… I’ve always promised the guys if I ever got in shape that I would dance again…I would stand out like a sore thumb if I went up there right now.”

He joked about being out of shape but we think he’s doing just great and hope he change his mind. The Las Vegas production was an instant success and still in a pretty high demand so we believe the London production will become long-term show.

There Will be No Third Movie

We enjoyed beautiful dance routines and acrobatics in Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL and hoped to see a third movie but that train has gone.

The team believes they got everything they possibly could out of it and Tatum turned to producing the Live show. The Magic Mike writer, Reis Carolin approached this project by asking her female friends what they want to see on stage so prepare yourself to be flabbergasted. No firefighter nor cowboy routines, but something completely new.

“You’re going to laugh and hopefully not feel like you need a shower afterwards,” Tatum said. “Your makeup may be a little smudged but that’s in a good way, hopefully.”

They knew the Las Vegas production will be a hit but they didn’t expect to cause such long-term frenzy.

“We always thought that there was going to be somewhat of a market, the movies did well here, but we had no idea that we were going to get the reaction that we have,” Tatum told in an interview and we expect nothing less from the London production. So, no matter Las Vegas or London, Channing guarantees to bring the heat.


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