Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Are Separating

Our favorite Hollywood couple has announced their separation on their social media accounts.

Lovebirds Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan made us scratch our heads, pondering on the idea on who will make it if they didn’t.

Trouble in Paradise

One of the Hollywood’s most beloved couples are separating after nearly nine years of marriage.

They broke the news on a lengthy statement via Twitter explaining that they chose to share the news to everyone due to the type of lives they had decided to lead.

They said that they deeply love each other and that they had a magical journey together but that love is taking them on different paths now and that it’s time they part. They are still best friend and a family for their daughter Everly. They both want to live the most fulfilled lives as possible and help each other take some space.

The Love Story

We all witnessed the two of them fall in love in the 2006 Step Up since they were falling in love in real life. Channing wasn’t up for a relationship at the time but one night he appeared drunk on Jenna’s door, wearing only his underwear, uggs and a sombrero and said “let’s do this”. The rest is history.

Channing never wanted to get married but with Jenna he changed his mind and popped the question in September 2008 while they were in Maui.

The couple got married in July 2009 in Malibu with their family and closest friends. Their greatest blessing, Everly came in 2013, and they managed to keep their lives private as much as possible and not sharing her photos on social media.

Whenever they were asked about their perfect marriage they were pretty honest. Jenna recently explained that nothing is perfect and that they fight and disagree like all other couples but are willing to listen and work on it. All great fits with same values are growing together and even if only the one grows, the other catches up and vice versa. There is no secret recipe but only willingness to look at the parts you need to work on.

It seems like they’ve come up to the end of their road and it’s a bit of a heartbreaker.


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