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Michael Lohan in Jail Again!!!
It hasn’t even been twelve hours since Michael Lohan was released from the Tampa jail, yet he has managed to end up in there again. When he was released from jail he was told that he was not to contact
Nicolas Cage Arrested, Then Bailed Out by Dog the Bounty Hunter
Nicolas Cage has been arrested in New Orleans after a public argument between him and his wife. The actor is currently on location filming a thriller called ‘Medallion’. Reportedly a passing taxi driver decided to call the police as Cage
Move Over Celebrity Druggies–Here Come the Grannies
Two elderly sisters from Pennsylvania are among the hottest new celebs in drugs. The two sisters, ages 65 and 70, were caught with more than 8000 dollars worth of heroin and 2000 dollars cash in their possession.ccused of selling heroin and
Kiefer Sutherland surrenders to police after allegedly head-butting designer
E! Online reports that “24” star Kiefer Sutherland has been charged with assault for allegedly head-butting designer Jack McCollough early Tuesday morning. The actor reportedly surrendered to police at the 1st Precinct in lower Manhattan for questioning yesterday. The rumor has
Sam Shepard pleads guilty to DUI and speeding
Actor Sam Shepard, who has starred in hit movies such as “The Accidental Husband”, "The Notebook" and "Black Hawk Down", pleaded guilty to DUI and speeding in an Illinois court room yesterday. "I never intend to drive under the influence again...