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Hugh Hefner’s son Arrested
Marston Hefner, the 21-year-old son of Playboy don Hugh Hefner, was arrested in a Los Angeles suburb Sunday night for allegedly assaulting Playmate Claire Sinclair. According to Entertainment Today, Marston posted $20,000 bail and was released a few hours after
Jenelle Evans Has Been Arrested Again
These MTV show teens just cannot seem to keep themselves out of the headlines for going in the slammer. It seems as one of the Teen Mom 2 stars has gotten herself arrested again except this time it is for
16 and Pregnant Now 16 and Arrested
Whitney Purvis, one of the stars from “16 and Pregnant” was arrested in Georgia for shoplifting at Walmart. However, you will find it rather shocking to find out what it was this 20 year old shoplifted priced at $15.98. A pregnancy
Jim Jones: Arrested Twice In Three Days
Rapper Jim Jones is insisting that his driver’s license is not suspended. He states that the cops who pulled him over made an error because he knows for a fact that his license is not suspended. His rep has also
Dr. Conrad Murray Shares Same Jail Block as Michael Jackson’s Ex Brother-in-Law
Sometimes the world can feel super small. Surprisingly, Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson’s former brother-in-law – James DeBarge who is Janet Jackson’s ex-husband – are in the same jail and are seeing a lot of each other these days. Both