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Teen Mom Star Avoids Prison
Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is making headlines yet again. Turns out she failed to take her required drug test this week. However, the judge decided to not send her back to the big house but instead he has given
Hollywood Producer Jon Peters is Sued For Abandoning His Dogs
Jon Peters is most commonly known for producing big Hollywood movies such as Batman, Rain Man and Superman Returns. However, now he is going to be known for being the worst dog owner in history. Jon Peters is facing a
Judith Jackson: A True Bad Girl
Judith Jackson is most known for being in the recent season of “Bad Girls Club”. However, it has just been released that she is a “bad girl” in real life as well. As a matter of fact, she was arrested
The Game Stops Performing To Pick a Fight
The Game definitely has a hot temper and he is not even the least bit afraid to show it. Last night while he was performing in Norway he was almost struck with a flying bottle and he was determined to
Lindsay Lohan’s Purse Gets Stolen
Lindsay Lohan went ham once she discovered that someone had stolen her purse while she was in Hawaii this weekend. She told her closest friends that she was scared she was going to end up in jail. Lindsay Lohan even