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Burger King Releases Mary J. Blige Ad Early
Mary J. Blige is telling the media that she did not sign off on the controversial fried chicken ad that was shot for Burger King – especially not the one that was being watched throughout the web. Mary J. Blige
Pauley Perrette’s Ex-husband Violates Restraining Order
Imagine being at dinner with your finance and having your ex-husband come along. For the average person this would just be an awkward moment, but if you are “NCIS Star” Pauley Perrette the police will be called to the
Celebs Don’t Like Cell Phones?
Last week, Russel Brand took a phone from someone snapping a picture of him and launched it through a nearby window. He is currently facing felony charges. In the scope of things Hollywood favorites have done and gotten away with,
Lindsay Lohan: Hit and Run?
Even though it has been confirmed that no one was injured as a result of Lindsay Lohan’s actions, her name is still being associated with a hit and run. Also, the case has been closed, but if the person she
What Was Jermaine Jones Thinking!?
It appears that Jermaine Jones, the Gentle Giant American Idol contestant has found himself in an uncomfortable situation. Jones had made it clear on the show that he and his dad had no relationship for the past ten years and