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Sam Worthington Arrested In Atlanta
Sam Worthington had been arrested on Saturday for allegedly picking a fight in front of a restaurant in Atlanta. The actor even needed to be subdued using a pepper spray. This happened after the bouncer at the restaurant refused to
Lindsay Lohan Could Face Charges For Lying To Cops
Lindsay Lohan just can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble. Her recent run in with the law has her charged with lying to a police officer when she made a false statement after her car accident in June on
Is Amanda Bynes Crazy?
Amanda Bynes has more serious issues than driving illegally and smoking pot. There’s proof that she is suffering from some serious psychological issues. The 26 year old actress Amanda Bynes defended her self and was insistent in telling her close
Lindsay Lohan Banned from Famous Hotel on Sunset Blvd.
After clearing her name in an alleged jewelry heist, Lindsay Lohan is making news again. This time she's being banned from a famous historic hotel in West Hollywood, Chateau Marmont. This happened just one day after the Los Angeles District
Dr. Conrad Murray: Who Are You To Judge Me?
Dr. Conrad Murray’s secret video that was never supposed to get out to the public has now been released. It shows a recording that he made just a few days after Michael Jackson’s death. During this video people are able