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Winehouse Back in the News
Reports that Amy Winehouse was to spend New Year's Eve in a rehab or hospital are being denied by the singer's representatives.Yesterday, it was claimed that the singer had needed  medical attention because she was  "a bit of a state"
Little Lindsay Spooked By Dads Behavior
Now isn't that just the strangest thing you've ever heard. We've heard her being warned by the judge if she doesn't get straight she's getting to go to Jail.. she's not suing dad for slander over his prescription drug addiction
Lohan… Again
In other news on the Lohan issues, Little Lindsay was in court for a session and received a bit of a lecture from the judge, who warned her, as reported this evening by the Telegraph, that she was in for
Lohans Dad Goes Public to Pressure Lindsay
Lindsay Lohan's father Michael ended up tears on TV last Friday as he went public with pleas to the actress to beat her alleged addiction to prescription drugs. He revealed some disturbing details about his daughter's pill habit, Michael the
Winehouse Reports are Exaggerated?
According to an insider, the reports of Amy, the rehab queen, Winehouse behavior on the island paradise have been grossly exaggerated.( oh we can see how you might misunderstand pics of her crawling half naked through a hotel flat out