Celebs Don’t Like Cell Phones?

Celebs Don’t Like Cell Phones?Last week, Russel Brand took a phone from someone snapping a picture of him and launched it through a nearby window. He is currently facing felony charges. In the scope of things Hollywood favorites have done and gotten away with, this is a bit ridiculous. Brand is fighting the charge and has paid 200 dollars since then for the repair of the window.

Guess who ‘done it now’? Chris Brown has added himself to list of ‘cell phone criminals’. A woman has accused the controversial Grammy winner, who’s on probation until 2014 for hitting Rihanna, of grabbing her iPhone this past Sunday. The woman was taking a picture of Brown inside his ride, apparently he wasn’t amused.

According to E! News, “an incident report was filed and the Florida State Attorney’s Office is preparing a warrant for Brown’s arrest on suspicion of “robbery by sudden snatching”. He really won’t be happy when his warrant is served.


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